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AutoMTS, Bella(SkinCare,Collagen, Derma)

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  • Standards/CertificateGMP, ISO9001, CE(Bella), ISO14001
  • Patents
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[Product Introduction]

Bella is a device for AutoMTS. It is for more advanced than old fashioned MTS(Roller Type). Bella could adjust the needle depth from 0.1mm to 2.0mm. It stimulates the skin and make invisible holes on epidermis, so it helps medicine or serum be absorbed into inner skin. Bella is suitable for beauticians or aesthetic shop.

[Main Functions]

* Precise needle length adjustment: Adjustable up to 2 mm, and adjustable in units of 0.1 mm
* High Quality Motor: Skin is not cut even if the needle length is set above 1.5 mm due to the powerful motor
* Needle with double screw: Needle finished with a double screw design to increase the cohesion between the handpiece and the needle and to prevent the needle from shooting out of the handpiece during the procedure.
* Safety installed for over-current: Fuse for protecting against over-current
* Uses sterilized disposable puncture needles: Safe because of the usage of EO gas sterilized product (disposable puncture needles must be used attached to the main body and cannot be used separately)
* Simple to use: Adjust stages by turning the ON/OFF button

[Dimensions and Components]


100-250VAC, 50/60Hz, 5VA
Adapter Output 5VDC, 2.0A
Handpiece, disposable needle, handpiece cradle, adapter,

Brand: Bella
Style: Pen type
Color: Silver
Quantity: 1 set




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